Low Energy Retail Lighting

Retail lighting - Menkind storeLighting is a powerful tool for creating the perfect ambiance, whether you are seeking a relaxed intimate feel or a dynamic exciting setting.  This can make a difference to how a product is presented and make a dramatic difference to sales and customer orders.  Ozone will supply innovative and aesthetically pleasing energy saving lighting solutions which are in-keeping with your theme while significantly reducing your energy costs.

Ozone Lighting Solutions will listen to you and your customers’ requirements and offer a comprehensive design, installation and maintenance service and we have many satisfied clients including Garage Shoes, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Krispy Kreme and other well-known retail outlets.  Every detail is meticulously planned and tailored to suit your needs prior to bringing your store to life by our dedicated and flexible workforce.

See our products page for our full range of low energy luminaires