Low Energy Lighting for Hospitals and Health Centres

Low energy healthcare lighting

Ozone Lighting provides energy efficient lighting solutions for a variety of uses in hospitals, health centres and surgeries.  Given that many healthcare environments operate 24/7, there is a huge opportunity to substantially reduce your energy bills.  Replacing outdated and inefficient lighting with new low energy lighting will consume lower levels of energy and last much longer, reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

In addition to reducing running and maintenance costs, we offer a variety of lighting solutions that cater for staff and patients in a demanding and critical environment.  From operating rooms where an excellent distribution of light is required, to sleeping patients where a calm and comfortable surrounding is desired, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure each environment is suitably lit for its use.  Considering patients and staff can be without access to natural daylight for long periods, it is essential to create a pleasant environment.

Whether in the form of high output LED luminaires, low energy T5 fluorescent lighting with added lighting control systems for multifunctional use, we will find the best solution for your needs.

We offer a full design, supply, installation and maintenance service.

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