Low Energy Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting - Comfy Quilts warehouse

Modern industrial buildings such as warehouses, distribution depots, manufacturing plants and factories are habitually large buildings. Many are still fitted with inefficient lighting which consume high levels of energy and offer little or no flexibility of control. As a consequence they suffer from the lighting systems being energised for large parts of the day, in some cases 24/7.  This is unnecessary and by replacing inefficient luminaires for low energy types with intelligent controls, a new system can pay for itself in less than two years.

Ozone Lighting Solutions can visit your site and, depending on the frequency and nature of use, suggest the most cost effective low energy lighting system to suit your requirements.

We can supply a variety of high output LED luminaires, ultra-low energy T5 fluorescent fittings and induction lighting systems which feature operational efficiency. All types have longer lifetimes than traditional light fittings and produce high quality white light. Low energy systems can be installed at a reasonable cost and, by replacing your old lighting, you can also eliminate the frequent need for any access equipment to change and maintain your lighting.

See our products page for our full range of low energy luminaires