Low Energy Lighting for Car Parks

Car park lighting - indoor car parkThe public prefer to park their vehicles in a better-lit environment as it creates a more pleasing atmosphere.  More importantly, car parks are generally quiet and good lighting boosts the perception of personal safety and a reduced crime risk. This protocol has been adopted by The UK “Park Mark Scheme” which promotes safety and security for people using car parks across the UK.

Indoor car parks can be tightly enclosed spaces, so the correct type of lighting is required to enable drivers to easily identify ramps and structural elements and avoid collisions.  Outdoor parking still requires careful consideration and planning to ensure the lighting is sufficient for its intended use whilst not causing any unwanted distractions or light pollution to any neighbouring properties.

Ozone Lighting can design a bespoke lighting solution which is suited to its setting and can be adjustable to the time of day, the use of natural light present and using microwave or occupancy sensors which can be switched on and off, with movement of traffic and people, to save energy.