Low Energy Commercial Lighting

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Commercial buildings can have a variety of requirements when it comes to lighting systems, from boardrooms, to training rooms, call centres, restrooms or areas for staff to have a break and a brew. Each of these areas will require different lighting levels and types of luminaires to suit the space and use, which can be complicated and difficult for older lighting systems to manage effectively.

What is Low Energy Commercial Lighting?

Low energy commercial lighting uses low energy light bulbs in commercial spaces so that less energy is used to light the space than if standard light bulbs were used. This is not the same as low voltage light bulbs, as they will take the same amount of energy to run as a standard light bulb.

There are various different types of low energy light bulbs on the market, however the most common are LED (light emitting diode) and compact fluorescent.

Compact fluorescent bulbs were the original choice for low energy lighting, using 80% less power than incandescent bulbs and they don’t reach high temperatures. However, in recent years the technology for LED lighting has progressed rapidly, meaning it is now the top choice for low energy commercial lighting.

LED lighting is suitable for the majority of commercial lighting needs, from lighting a warehouse, to an office building, retail space or restaurant.

Why is Low Energy Lighting the Best Choice?

Low energy lighting offers a number of benefits to businesses from saving money through to reducing your carbon footprint. Lighting accounts for up to 40% of the energy used in commercial buildings, which can rise to up to 70% in retail spaces. Installing low energy lighting such as LEDs can reduce that cost by up to 80%.

Low energy lighting also lasts longer than standard lightbulbs, requiring less maintenance and replacements over time, which in turn also reduces costs.

Another example of why low energy lighting is the best choice is because it reduces your business’s carbon footprint, which can help boost your employee engagement, especially if being eco-friendly is part of their core values. Improved employee engagement can help increase productivity and staff retention.

Low Energy Lighting Installation

In order to ensure your new low energy lighting is installed correctly and efficiently, it is advisable to work with a qualified, experienced electrical contractor who can review your existing system, and advise on the best options for your commercial space.

When choosing your electrical contractor, look for an organisation that has completed projects to a similar scale to yours, who can run the project from design through to installation and then on to maintenance, to ensure a smooth, efficient process from start to finish.

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