Lighting used in a building often accounts for a large proportion of the electricity used and without suitable control equipment in place (to switch lighting systems on when needed or off when not required) a colossal amount of electricity can be wasted.

Of course, effective, appropriate lighting is vital in providing a safe environment for employees and the public and it is integral to the well-being of a building’s users. Equally important, lighting needs to be controlled so that performance can be achieved whilst energy can be preserved when there is need for areas to be lit.

There are multiple ways to control lighting and because of this some strategic thinking from a professional is required in the process prior to installation. This should always be dependent on the application and consideration must be applied depending on:

  • The desired outcome and overall effect
  • The use of movement/presence detection to turn lights on when light is needed and switch off when light is no longer required to save energy
  • How the systems are to perform and how the user interfaces with the system, whether this is a simple application or a more intelligent type of system providing mood lighting controllable via electronic touch panels or smartphone app
  • The environment that the lighting and controls are to be located and the existing infrastructure
  • The best use of natural light to save energy  by allowing lighting to be dimmed or turned off when natural lighting levels are sufficient
  • Application such as industrial warehouses utilising communication networks to interface with the lighting controls for the monitoring of traffic to understand where the hot spots are located so stock can be stored in a way to save further energy

Ozone lighting are highly experienced in the design, supply and installation of all lighting control systems and are adept at understanding your needs and budget, in order to design, supply and install the most appropriate lighting solution for your needs..

As approved installers we have the ability to offer bespoke designs for the control of lighting, emergency lighting, window blinds, mechanical ventilation and cooling systems and we can integrate the design to control other protocols, such as audio visual and security installations (subject to application).

There are certain locations within buildings that require more care and delicate or intricate control, for instance when lighting levels need to be set to suit different functions or applications . Whether the lighting needs to be multi-function, for example an office for occupancy / daylight dimming, in a hospital operating theatre where intricate functions need to be performed, a cinema or cinema room, a boardroom, shopping mall or to illuminate a piece of architecture, our team have a broad range of experience and can draw on a variety of techniques and products to install exactly what you need.

Whatever the application we are able to control the lighting bespoke to your exact requirements, easily and efficiently.