CustomerTalke 16
LocationTalke 16 warehouse, Stoke
Project TypeElectrical and lighting installation including inspection and testing
DescriptionTalke 16 is a 180,100 SQ FT refurbished warehouse and manufacturing facility based in Stoke. In 2018, we completed a project at the site which cost around £300k. The work was carried out throughout the building and included two new switch rooms complete with:

  • new mains switch panels
  • new mains distribution boards
  • small power distribution
  • new LED lighting installation

The incoming tenant inherited a mains and sub mains distribution system which was obsolete and in poor condition and completely unfit for purpose. Therefore, the recommended course of action was to install a new mains distribution system throughout the building, starting from the two existing LV substations and switch rooms.

The systems were designed to suit the demand, application and location. This ensured Talke 16 benefitted from enhanced usability and practicality. Plus, to ensure electrical safety, the installation was NICEIC inspected, tested and certified to British standards and the current IEE Regulations.

Our in-house and approved lighting specialists, Ozone Lighting Solutions, surveyed the  existing lighting in the warehouse, carried out energy and maintainability assessments. This analysis showed that the existing set up was consuming high levels of energy, was not financially efficient and offered very little flexibility of control.

For the new install, energy efficient lighting was installed featuring low energy LED luminaires with less than half of the energy demands of traditional fittings, with a lifetime in excess of 50,000hrs. We also incorporated intelligent lighting controls which monitor occupancy levels, allowing the end user make decisions of where low and high traffic areas are, allowing them to utilise the space more effectively, further reducing energy usage.

The new lighting installation ensured Talke 16 benefited from low maintenance and cost efficiency whilst gaining increased light quality.

Upon completion the project was tested, commissioned and the building handed back to the client.