Energy Usage at an all time low

Since March 23rd the UK has been following lockdown measures announced by the government to combat Coronavirus. Workplaces, factories, shops and restaurants all shut their doors and switched out their lights for the last time until the nation is healthy enough to open back up again.

Because so many public/workspaces have now gone dark, unsurprisingly energy consumption is at an all time low. Industrial and Commercial makes up for a whopping 45% of energy consumption in the UK, and between the 24th March and the 3rd April energy demand dropped 20%.

12pm is the new 7.30am.

The fall in electricity usage suppliers are attributing to the loss of demand from sources like workplaces and factories. Now that the UK is on lockdown there’s been a huge increase of people at home during the day, energy company Bulb have reported that electricity usage is up during the week between 9am and 5pm because we’re all home with screens lit up and lightbulbs glowing.

Normally during the week there is a peak of electricity usage in the mornings, but Bulb are reporting a 21% decrease at 7.30am (their usual peak) as people are no longer having to commute and are taking the time to hit snooze and get back under the duvet.

The electricity households are saving during the groggy mornings however, is being used up later in the day as Bulb and other energy companies have noticed a minimum of a 27% increase during midday.

This data is also coinciding with the beginning of a warm and sunny spring. If it were winter those drops may be slightly smaller as we would be heating up our homes and keeping the lights on for longer periods to combat the dull and dreary outdoors. However, our public spaces being in the dark it’s good to see that being indoors all day hasn’t increased demand.

Don’t Stay in the Dark.

Since Boris Johnson announced that the UK would be going on lockdown we’ve seen a 5-10% drop in electrical demand and suppliers anticipated a further drop by the end of April which would take the UK’s electricity consumption to its lowest since the 1960’s, which was before daily usage data was available to us.

Power plants are currently working with balancing out their supply and demand, with demand for larger consumers being down some plants are finding they have too much electricity supply which can cause individual plants to shut down, and potentially cause the whole grid to collapse – creating blackouts. That’s why energy provider Octopus Energy has introduced a new tariff that pays you to use electricity during quiet periods. However, the National Grid has ensured the public that they have the resilience to cope and keep lighting up your homes.

Add a Little Sparkle! and let all key workers know your thinking of them.

Some households are even turning to their Christmas lights to add some sparkly cheer to their days and show support for their NHS workers. From multicoloured flashing lights, or making glowing heart shapes in your window, communities are feeling a sense of support and solidarity and togetherness. Who knew lights could do so much.

Dont worry there’s light at the end of the tunnel.