Lighting design to lift morale

As the shorter days and longer, darker nights draw in, it can be hard to keep morale up without the bright, warm sunshine we long for. It is also often stated that natural light is the best way to improve your mood, but installing more windows at home or in the office isn’t always an option. However, another solution is the clever use of lighting, whether it is at home, in hotels or even in the office.

Create different moods

If you are looking to boost your employees’ morale and productivity when they are in the office, and natural lighting is not really an option, then you can utilise different levels of lighting for different areas to create the right mood, depending on what you require from each space.

Studies have shown that cooler, blue lights, improve productivity in workers. Therefore, spaces where employees need to be engaged and alert could benefit from blue-enriched light.

If you have spaces such as meeting rooms or social spaces where you want to emit trust and comfort, using warmer toned lighting will help to create that mood, helping your employees to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Spaces such as conference rooms need to be balanced somewhere in the middle, allowing a more friendly, approachable feel to the room, whilst still maintaining the productivity and alertness achieved through blue lighting.

These approaches can also work well in the home, using cooler, blue-enriched lighting in spaces such as the kitchen or dining room, where work or study may occur, and warm, cosy tones in living rooms and bedrooms where relaxation is key.

Make the most of spaces

Do you have large, open plan spaces that have multiple uses? You can utilise zoned lighting to split the spaces up, using warmer lighting for more social, comfortable areas with sofas or coffee tables, and then cooler lighting in areas for concentration, such as reception desks in hotels.

Smart Lighting

Using an automated lighting solution can help to improve morale by automatically shifting the lighting to the required levels depending on the situation at hand. For example, lighting in an office should be cooler earlier on in the day, shifting to warmer tones as the day progresses, keeping morale and optimum levels. An automated system can help facilitate this shift throughout the day and work with any natural light you have in the space already, brightening lights on darker days or times, and turning off automatically when there is no movement in the room. There is also an added benefit of cost savings through an automated lighting system.

Improve Employee Engagement

With the rising costs of electricity and high energy usage in commercial office spaces, updating the lighting systems in your offices could save your business up to 80%.

Replacing outdated lighting systems with automated solutions that help to create the atmosphere you need in your offices as well as reducing your carbon footprint which can also have the added benefit of improving your employee engagement as they will be happy especially if being eco-friendly is part of their core personal values, all while saving your business money.

If you are investigating ways to boost morale while making cost savings and keeping your employee engagement high, we could help you find the solution. Give us a call on 0161 428 7162, or drop us a line at and we will be happy to help.